Paximune Spray

Paximune Spray

2oz bottle

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Paximune contains:

-Microscopic bovine proteins that are nearly identical to proteins the human immune system produces.

-Natural derived glycoprotein from bovine serum

-Whether you are Keto, Vegan, or Vegeterian, your body produces these proteins.

Our immune system discovers and rinses from our systems many harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, microbes and pollutants that we are exposed to each and every day. Many people are constantly combating illness while others enjoy vibrancy.

Why? The foods we choose to eat as well as environmental stressors play significant roles.

A healthy immune system sustains several aspects of immune function, including macrophage (lymphocyte) activity and immunoglobulin (natural IgG antibodies) production.

Many scientific studies suggest serum glycoproteins contribute significant support.